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Broadcasted on: Wednesday, 28th of June 2023 at 18:00 UTC

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Broadcasted on: Wednesday, 28th of June 2023 at 18:00 UTC

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  • 01

    Appointment of Relief Chair

  • 02

    Presentation of Past Lord Mayor's Badge and Vote of Thanks

    To present the past Lord Mayor’s badge and other insignia and Vote of Thanks.


  • 03


    To sign the Minutes of the Meetings of the Council held on 17 May.

    Council Minutes - 17 May 2023

  • 04

    Lord Mayor's Communications


    1.      The Lord Mayor to report that, on Thursday 18th May, she attended the opening of ‘Change Please’ coffee shop on Victoria Street. 

    2.       The Lord Mayor to report that, on Friday 19th May, she attended the official opening of St Marylebone CE Bridge School.

    3.      The Lord Mayor to report that, on Saturday 20th May, she attended the ‘Bathing of the Buddha Ceremony’ at the London Fo Guang Shan Temple.

    4.      The Lord Mayor to report that, on Wednesday 24th May, she attended the Topping Out ceremony for the W1 development on Great Portland Street and the Chilean Naval Day Service and Reception at The Abbey and the Chilean Embassy.

    5.      The Lord Mayor to report that, on Thursday 25th May, she attended the funeral of Flt Sgt Peter Brown at St Clement Danes Church and the St Marylebone Changing Lives celebration at St Marylebone Parish Church.


    6.      The Lord Mayor to report that, on Wednesday 31st May, she attended lunch with Mr Kelly Hsieh, Representative to the United Kingdom for Taiwan at the Corinthia Hotel and the Chinese Information and Advice Centre’s Fundraising Night at Kensington Palace.


    7.      The Lord Mayor to report that, on Thursday 1st June, she attended the official opening of the Onion Garden on Spenser Street.


    8.      The Lord Mayor to report that, on Wednesday 7th June, she attended the Italian National Day reception at the Italian Embassy.


    9.      The Lord Mayor to report that, on Friday 9th June, she attended the St Barnabas Day celebrations at St Barnabas CofE Primary School.


    10.  The Lord Mayor to report that, on Saturday 10th June, she attended the American School in London’s Commencement Exercises and Reception at Central Hall.


    11.  The Lord Mayor to report that, on Thursday 15th June, she attended the Residents’ Society of Mayfair and St James’s Summer Party at Mount Street Gardens.


    12.  The Lord Mayor to report that, on Saturday 17th June, she attended the Trooping of the Colour on Horse Guards and the KindWinter Charity Fundraiser on MV Zeeland, Cadogan Pier.


    13.  The Lord Mayor to report that, on Sunday 18th June, she attended West End Live in Trafalgar Square.




  • 05

    Declarations of Interest

  • 06

    Statement on Urgent Matters

    With the approval of the Chair of the meeting, the Leader of the Council may make a statement on an urgent matter and the Leader of the Opposition will have an equivalent right of reply.


  • 07

    Councillor presented petitions or deputations, if any

  • 08

    Public Participation

    The Lord Mayor will invite members of the public who have been chosen to present their question or petition.  After which the relevant Cabinet Member or Committee Chair will respond.


  • 09


    The Lord Mayor will call Members who have indicated that they wish to ask a question after the Leader of the Opposition has asked her questions

  • 10

    Councillor Issue

    Councillor Jessica Toale – ‘Preserving the Character of the West End’

  • 11

    Party Business

    To consider any items for debate.


  • 12

    Report of the General Purposes Committee: Member Allowance Scheme 2023-2024: Amendment

    To receive, consider and debate, if chosen, the following report which contains recommendations to the Council for approval and adoption.


    Report of the General Purposes Committee: Member Allowance Scheme 2023-2024: Amendment

  • 13

    Notices of Motion

    (a) Majority Party Motion – Fairer Westminster

    To be moved by Councillor Ellie Ormsby and seconded by Councillor James Small-Edwards.



    This Council notes that:

    ·       This administration was elected with a commitment to build a Fairer Westminster. Creating a more equitable economy and society in Westminster, which puts our residents and communities first. It notes the principles and plans set out in the 2023/24 Fairer Westminster Delivery Plan.

    ·       The Council has recently become a signatory to the Unison Ethical Care Charter, making a commitment to improving protections for care workers and improving outcomes for service users. It has also created a unique Dirty Money Charter with the New West End Company (NWEC), the Heart of London Business Alliance (HOLBA), the Fair Tax Foundation and others to call for national change to tackle economic crime and corruption, whilst doing what we can here in Westminster.

    ·       Westminster is proud of its vibrancy and diversity, and its history of welcoming refugees and displaced people from around the world fleeing conflict, climate change, inequality, discrimination and violence. On the latest published figures, Westminster is home to 763 people who are here on the Homes for Ukraine scheme, 997 asylum seekers of which 851 are in Home Office Contingency hotels, 7 refugee families resettled through the UK Resettlement and Afghan Resettlement pledge, and we are responsible for 54 unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and 212 former unaccompanied asylum-seeking children care leavers.

    ·       Council of Sanctuary designation is awarded by the City of Sanctuary Local Authority Network to institutions that are welcoming to those fleeing violence and persecution in their own countries, and protecting the rights of all migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees. There are 33 members in total (10 in London, including recently in Camden where this designation was adopted unanimously) and 11 that have achieved the full award (1 in London).

    ·       Councils can have a significant impact on their local area by promoting better mental health. Westminster takes its responsibility to care for its resident’s mental health seriously and recognises the impact it can have.

    ·       Councillors represent their community and where possible Councillors, as a whole, should reflect the diversity of their community, particularly those with protected characteristics (age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation). The Co-operative Party’s Diverse Councils Declaration sets out ideas for increasing diversity in local government by suggesting ways to remove barriers standing in the way of a more diverse and inclusive democracy.


    This Council believes that:

    ·       Our vision for a Fairer Westminster must extend to the most vulnerable in the borough, including our refugee, asylum seeking and migrant communities.

    o   We have a duty of care towards children, and vulnerable and trafficked adults in our borough.

    o   We must continue to go above and beyond business as usual to support migrant communities. The journey to become a Council of Sanctuary will solidify this commitment.

    ·       As a local authority we have a crucial role to play in improving the mental health of everyone in our community and tackling some of the widest and most entrenched inequalities in mental health.

    o   Mental health should be a priority across all the local authority’s areas of responsibility.

    o   All councillors, whether members of the Cabinet or Scrutiny, and in our community and casework roles, can play a positive role in championing mental health on an individual and strategic basis.

    ·       We should seek to take proactive steps to ensure our councillors are representative of the diversecommunities they serve. A more representative democracy is a more inclusive democracy, which enables increased participation and more-informed decision-making.


    This Council resolves to:

    ·       Launch the journey to become a Council of Sanctuary by joining City of Sanctuary’s local authority network and demonstrate its values of ‘Inclusive, Openness, Participation, Inspire, and Integrity’.

    o   Continue to welcome and support refugees and migrants in the borough and stand in solidarity with them.

    o   Challenge anti-migrant sentiment where we find it.

    o   Work to ensure that Central Government provides adequate resources to local government to properly support refugees and displaced people in our City including funding for care, advice, housing and skills and employment support;

    o   Find more opportunities across the Council to celebrate our refugee and migrant communities, tell their stories, and promote their voices.

    o   Work with local community, voluntary sector, health, and education partners, including those with lived experience, to shape Westminster’s borough of sanctuary ambition.

    ·       Sign the Local Authorities’ Mental Health Challenge run by Centre for Mental Health.

    o   Continue to support the Mental Health Member Champion in their role.

    o   Support positive mental health in our community, including in local schools, neighbourhoods and workplaces.

    o   Work to reduce inequalities in mental health in our community.

    o   Work with local partners to offer effective support for people with mental health needs.

    o   Tackle discrimination on the grounds of mental health in our community.

    o   Proactively listen to people of all ages and backgrounds about what they need for better mental health.

    ·       Commit to being a Diverse Council:

    o   Provide a clear public commitment to improving diversity in democracy.

    o   Demonstrate an open and welcoming culture to all, promoting the highest standards of behaviour and conduct.

    o   Recommend a Diverse Council Action Plan to political groups for adoption ahead of the next local elections.

    o   Work towards the standards for member support and development as set out in the LGA Councillor Development Charter and Charter Plus.

    o   Demonstrate a commitment to a duty of care for councillors by:

    §  Providing access to counselling services for all councillors;

    §  Having regard for the safety and wellbeing of councillors whenever they are performing their role as councillors; and

    §  Taking a zero-tolerance approach to bullying and harassment of members including through social networks.

    o   Provide flexibility in Council business by regularly reviewing and staggering meeting times where appropriate and feasible.

    o   Ensure that all members are able to take up the support to which they are entitled, particularly any reimbursement for costs of care, so the role of member is not limited to those who can afford it or those reliant on the support of others to fulfil their duties.

    o   Review the Council’s parental leave policy setting out members’ entitlement to maternity, paternity, shared parental and adoption leave and relevant allowances to ensure it as inclusive and fair as possible.

    ·       Support the delivery of our commitments under Westminster’s Dirty Money and the Unison Ethical Care Charter.




    (b) Opposition Party Motion – Restoring the 75% cut of new build intermediate housing for Key Workers


    To be moved by Councillor David Harvey and seconded by Councillor Robert Rigby.


    This Council deplores the cut of up to 75% in new build intermediate housing aimed at key workers since this Administration took charge and seeks for the Cabinet to reinstate the key worker homes to the build programme.


    We want a "city for all" that builds not just homes but communities. That has to include our hard-pressed key workers who will seldom qualify for social rent housing or otherwise be able to afford to live in Westminster. Without our key workers living here, this is not a fairer Westminster.




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