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Broadcasted on: Wednesday, 22nd of September 2021 at 18:00 (Times in UTC)

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Broadcasted on: Wednesday, 22nd of September 2021 at 18:00 (Times in UTC)

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  • 01

    Appointment of Relief Chairman

    To appoint a relief Chairman.

    • 02


      To sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council meeting held on 9 September 2021.

      Minutes - 9 September 2021

      • 03

        Lord Mayor's Communications

        1.     The Lord Mayor to report that, on Saturday September 11th, he attended St Mary le Strand Church Relaunch Community Party. 


        2.     The Lord Mayor to report that, on Sunday September 19th, he attended the battle of Britain Service at Westminster Abbey. 


        3.     The Lord Mayor to report that, on Tuesday September 21st, he attended the City of London ‘Big Curry’ event at Mansion House. 


        • 04

          Declarations of Interest

          • 05

            Statement on Urgent Matters

            • 06

              Petitions and Deputations, if any

              • 07


                The Lord Mayor will call Members who have indicated that they wish to ask a question after the Leader of the Opposition has asked his questions. 

                • 08

                  Councillor Issues

                  Councillor Gotz Mohindra – Revitalising St John’s Wood High Street in a post-pandemic world 


                  Councillor Richard Elcho – Improving Housing 


                  • 09

                    Future Policy Plan

                    To consider items for debate from the attached Future Policy Plan.

                    Future Policy Plan

                    • 10

                      Review of the Council's Revised Statement of Licensing Policy Under the Licensing Act 2003

                      To receive, consider and debate, if chosen, the following report from the Cabinet Member for Business, Licensing and Planning which contains a recommendation to the council for approval and adoption. 

                      Report of the CM for Bus, Plan and Licen - 14 Sept - Revised SLP

                      • 11

                        Notice of Motion

                        To be moved by Councillor Adam Hug and seconded by Councillor Liza Begum: 


                        This Council notes that the cost of the Marble Arch Mound has risen to over £6 million and that the delivery of the Mound project has brought international embarrassment to the City of Westminster. 


                        This Council also notes that the Marble Arch Mound is part of a wider £150m West End District project that contains significant spending including the Strand Aldwych and piazzas at Oxford Circus. 


                        This Council believes that both Council Members and Westminster residents were misled by the political leadership of the Council about the progress of the Marble Arch Mound project. This Council believes that the failure of the Council’s project management and the gulf between rhetoric and reality is indicative of a Conservative administration that has been in power for far too long. 


                        This Council further believes that the inability to charge the planned ticket fees and the failure to secure much of the projected sponsorship leaves Westminster taxpayers picking up the £6 million bill for the Mound. 


                        This Council resolves to appoint an independent reviewer to advise and oversee the investigation into the Council’s processes, decision making and organisational culture which resulted in this debacle. 


                        The Council resolves not to proceed with further major capital investments within the West End District project until all reviews of Council decision making relating to the Marble Arch Mound and associated issues are completed and have received full scrutiny by Members, and until proper public consultations on future projects have taken place with local residents. 


                        This Council finally resolves to take steps to dismantle and remove the Marble Arch Mound as soon as is practicable. 


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